A Complete free Guidance to get a PSC white collar job.We provides Study Materials , important points based on exam syllabus. Which we think our readers shoud not miss. For any PSC exams, we provide NCERT Based notes, study material, Current Affairs, Daily News, History, Geography,Polity,Economy,Science notes, Model Papers and all other study material which is important for UPPCS, SSC, UPSC, MPPSC, BPSC, RPSC, RO/ARO and other state Exam.


About Us

"Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity. – Charles Mingus"

                   GS ATOM is an education-technology startup, with a vision of educating India. Now a days,People are making Education a Business and treating students as investors. Comnig to any PSC Preparation, people created assumptions like UPSC,or other white coller job are very tough and You can't clear it unless you join a coaching.By this false statements poor people are dropping their aspirations even before they start.

                                 You have a dream. To join the most reputable services of the nation, UPSC / PSC / RO / ARO etc. But you also know that the accessibility to the best PSC Coaching classes is limited to those who live in Delhi,Bangalore , Hyderabad Allahabad,Lucknow or other major cities. Others, unfortunately, have to be content with whatever arrangement is available locally. Either that or rely on periodically dispatched study material, notes or view recorded videos that are often outdated and have no scope for interaction. When the results of Civil Services are announced, the toppers are invariably those students who had access to the top teachers. A majority of the hopeful applicants fail, not for lack of effort, but because they lacked access to the best resources. Desperately, many travel far, to Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad or any of those 'coaching capitals'.
               But, the ordeal of leaving the security and comfort of home, family, and friends may not be an easy option for all.  Maybe you are stuck in a personal situation. Maybe you just don't want to face that daily traffic, commute, and frustration. Think about it - in a typical 6 months course with 80 sessions almost 3 hrs are wasted commuting and waiting for classes every day. That is 240 hrs total or 8 hrs study time wasted for 30 days!! And, of course, relocation can be a very costly move…             With the help of technology, GS ATOM has developed unique ways of making learning an enjoyable experience. That’s the reason why we are equally loved by school students just like Civil Services exams toppers. 
   We provide complete free way to achieve your dreams. We provides study materials based on NCERT syllabus Which is most important for any PSC exams. We work hard to ensure high-quality education accessible to millions in the country. We provide free notes on every subject mentioned in the latest PSC syllabus. Aspirants are free to share or print GS ATOM study materials for self-use. We regularly write articles to guide aspirants as per the latest requirements of exam.
That's why GS ATOM exists. To help you pursue your dream. This is a unique platform for Test Preparation from the comfort of your home. GS ATOM offers you guidance for Civil Services exams to develop a holistic approach to their preparation for the exams. Now, it is your turn to be one. Come, join the GS ATOM revolution. If you don't have access to the best, GS ATOM will bring the best to you!
Looking forward to be stakeholders in your preparation and success!

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